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Guinea Pigs:

  • they don’t swim and they don’t like water,
  • can keep their eyes open while sleeping,
  • they are most active during the day, but they also like to take short naps then,
  • mostly they eat hay and herbs,
  • in their natural environment, they live in herds of one male and up to a dozen females,
  • have teeth that are constantly growing and grinding them while eating dry food and hay,
  • their front feet have 3 fingers and their rear feet 4.
  • their fur consists of 5 different types of hair,
  • they can run as early as 3 hours after birth,
  • they get along with rabbits in the short term, but a common cage is not recommended, however,
  • among the rabbits, they start to imitate them jumpingly,
  • they are used as laboratory animals for experiments and research.
  • the oldest guinea pig lived 15 years. This age became a Guinness Record and was entered in the Book.
  • the happy hopping of pigs is popcorning.