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Skinny guinea pig – description, breeding, care and care

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Skinny guinea pig – description, breeding, care and care

There are many races wonderful Guinea pigs – some with long silky hair, other with short, some coffee have extraordinary characteristics, and some do not even They have hair on the body and are just bald!

These charming-looking Bald guinea pigs can not be found on freedom because they are the result experiments carried out in the laboratory. These funny small creatures This is in fact the results of the genetic mutations that were first Created in 1978 in the Laboratories of the Institute of Armanda Frappiera with its registered office in Montreal in Canada.

Sea pigny pignets, as it is called these guinea pigs without fur, has recently gained great popularity, although the animal saving organizations have published a few words of caution, worried about their well-being, which is obviously understandable.

Skinny guinea pigs They need a lot of special worries

Because skinny they have fur, except for noses and a little on their feet, they must be kept in warm room. Due to the fact that they do not have furs that naturally keeps warm when it is cold, skinny pigs are very susceptible and easily catches Cold or even a hypothermie. Their internal frames should be cozy. We should ensure that they never feel cold.

In warmer months Summer you have to be careful for your bald pig to burn Sun. Therefore, if you take them outside, cream should be applied Sunscreen on their body and face, paying special attention to not put Cream on the eyes of the animals.

Skinny pigs are Popular among allergy sufferers

These bald guinea pigs They became extremely popular among people who could not do otherwise Keep pet animals because of allergies they suffer. I can not have Contact with animal fur. More and more people who love animals, But which could not be nearby because of allergies, they are now proud The owners of guinea pig Skinny.

Being so funny, friendly Interesting little creatures, Skinny pigs left the stigma in the world Animals, and the breeders already occur around the world. Because Skinny must Live at home, they really become part of the family just like a cat or a dog. Because they do not have fur on their bodies, every little thing on their body is exactly Visible, including any traces, including places where fur could grow. However, Skinny pigs have a little fur on the noses and paws, but beyond these The areas are absolutely devoid of hair from the moment of birth.

Skinny pigs have different skin pigmentation, including chocolate, cinnamon, silver colors, Lilac, white, gold, and even Albino and Dalmatians! Charming Markings consist of black stains on white skin. So far The most popular color among swine enthusiasts Skinny is chocolate.

Here are a few Interesting facts about Skinny pigs

  • Pig Sea Skinny is born without fur – and it remains. The only fur that they have when they are older, is on their noses and paws.
  • Pigs can not live outside because they feel too cold. Because they do not have fur – they must live in a warm, heated home.
  • If you let your birdwatch in the garden in the garden, you must apply sunscreen to protect the delicate skin before burning – a sunscreen rate 50 is an ideal choice.
  • Sea skinny pigs have a higher metabolism than sea pigs with fur, because they must keep the body warmth. This means that they eat much more food. If possible, crunchy even all day!
  • Sea pigny guinny can be much more disorder than her hairy counterparts – it means that you need to clean up after it.
  • Skinny pigs can be much louder than their fur counterparts!
  • Skinny’s pigs learn very quickly and quickly recognize things, especially the sound of a refrigerator door opened or a rustling bag that can contain food – will soon let you know that they hear about what is happening, even in a different place room!
  • Guinea pignny, just like her furry brothers and sisters, are very funny little animals, and each of them has their own unique personality!
  • Skinny pigs began life as a result of genetic experiments, but today these charming small animals of such a great character are ethically cultured.
  • Nautical skinny breeds, if they are well taken care of, they can live up to six years.
  • The skinny guinea pig loves the company of other guinea pigs of the same kind and loves to attract the attention of its owners.
  • Bald pigs, if well-treated since birth, are extremely sensitive family pets, and the male type is often more loving than female.

if you want to Find out more about Skinny pigs, the best place to visit There is an internet where you can find renowned breeders who even love These charming small animals, created in the laboratory in Canada. Must be prepared to set the internal cage in a warm place at home and Make sure that our pig will never be cold.

Another thing about which you must remember is that Skinny pigs have faster metabolism than their hairy brothers and sisters, which is why they eat a lot more eating, which means that their maintenance is more expensive. You must be prepared for paying more money for the privilege of having pigs skinny – and because they are always much happier when they have the company of their own kind, you have to invest in two wonderful small rodents!