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Sheltie guinea pig

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Sheltie guinea pig

The Sheltie guinea pig is recognizable for its long hair, which attracts the attention of breeders who would like to use them as show animals, as well as people who would like to keep them as pets.

Rather, this breed is a new breed of guinea pig that was developed in the seventies.

Shelties are also commonly known as Silkies.


This breed of pigs is soft and gentle, making it an ideal choice as a pet for children, however we do not recommend them as a pet unless an adult can look after them each day. To keep their silky-smooth hair healthy, they require daily care, which makes the pet very demanding. So, if you’re a responsible adult or teen, ready to take on guinea pig grooming, Sheltie might be for you.

Sheltie Guinea Pigs require daily grooming

If you find your Sheltie very dirty, you can clean it instead of washing it as these guinea pigs don’t like bathing. Spot washing is much less stressful for them.

Be sure to provide your guinea pig with a good home and a proper diet. This will keep her happy, healthy and provide you with great moments for a long time. Shelties need a lot of exercise and love to play. You can let them go outside or run around the house for a short time under supervision. They love to explore and need at least an hour of supervised “floor time” each day.

Sheltie guinea pigs’ diet should mainly consist of Timothy hay, food pellets, water, vitamin C, and delicious fruits and vegetables. Proper cage setup and exercise are still the same as of any other breed. Give them plenty of room to exercise and keep them entertained so that they are happy little pets.

Features of the Sheltie breed guinea pig:

Sheltie has long hair, sometimes up to 60cm, that flows back through his body. When viewed from above, it should be in the shape of a teardrop.

They have long straight hair like a Peruvian guinea pig, but instead of covering their head, Sheltie’s hair is swept back over their head. It looks like the hair was specially designed this way. In a way, it resembles a lion’s mane.

Shelties can be 18 to 25 cm long and live 5 to 7 years old if properly cared for.

Temperament and behavior:

Out of all breeds of guinea pigs, Sheltie’s are known to be the most delicate. They have a very laid back personality and can look like shy creatures at first. It may take a little longer to tame than other guinea pigs.

Coat and colors:

Sheltie pig is usually confused with Peruvian guinea pig. Although the two breeds of guinea pigs have elongated hair, there are many differences between them. Sheltie breed hair is slightly smaller than Peruvian guinea pig and has a different pattern. Sheltie’s hair is incredibly soft and shiny, revealing the neck, looking like a mane and leaving the face exposed. The front hair of the Sheltie breed is slightly longer than the back hair. For this reason, this breed is in the form of a teardrop.

This breed of guinea pig is extremely demanding, so it is most likely not the best option for a young child. Even adults who have guinea pigs as pets will need to trim their hair regularly so they don’t have to constantly groom it.

Like other breeds of guinea pigs, Sheltie guinea pigs come in a variety of colors.

Sheltie breed guinea pig