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How to pick up a guinea pig?

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How to pick up a guinea pig?

The backbone of a guinea pig is much more delicate than that of a hamster, for example. Therefore, we should give it special care. When putting the pig on your lap, remember to catch it in such a way that its front and back feet are supported. She will feel much safer and nothing will endanger her.

The guinea pig should be grabbed with the right hand under the chest, while the left hand is placed under the hind feet and slightly raised. When we want to move the pig to another place, we should hug it gently to the breast. However, it cannot be crushed. The whole thing should be done very gently and with sensitivity so as not to hurt her. Grabbing a pig from above may be associated with threats occurring in nature, for example with an attack by a bird of prey. Therefore, if possible, we should always catch the pig from below, rather than from above.

Some very energetic animals may break out of our embrace. We should be prepared for this and not let the animal out of our hands. Especially when we carry them high above the ground. Such a fall could injure the spine. Therefore, we should keep the pig very close to us, with a firm and steady grip, not allowing it to escape.

Over time, guinea pigs may get used to being pulled out of their cage and held on their handler’s lap. It is important not to cause pain during this activity, because they will associate pulling from the cage with him, and not with pleasant warmth and gentle caresses.