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How Much Does a Guinea Pig Live?

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How Much Does a Guinea Pig Live?

How many years of joy can you expect from your furry friends? That’s a question many people ask, and of course the answer may vary depending on who you’re talking to … but let’s see if we can dispel some myths and give you an idea of ​​the kind of commitment you need to be prepared for if you want to give this lovely little a pet home forever!

The guinea pig is not a hamster!

What you might think should be fairly obvious, however, many people still mistake guinea pigs for hamsters! Not only do guinea pigs have completely different needs and grow much larger than their very distant cousins, the life expectancy of these creatures also differs. On average, a hamster can live for 2-3 years, depending on the type of breed and lifestyle.

So what is the life expectancy of a guinea pig?

Namely, the average life span of a guinea pig is 5-7 years, although as with any living creature, there are many factors that can influence it. They are known to have some living much longer than 7 years. The Guinness World Record of 2006 belongs to the guinea pig that lived for 14 years, 10.5 months! While this age is not the norm, guinea pigs are certainly a pet that must be cared for and devoted to for many years.

How can we help our dear little pigs enjoy a long and happy life?

There are many things you can do to give your guinea pigs the best chance of reaching sovereignty. A good diet, plenty of space, plenty of exercise, social interaction, hygiene, and an appropriate response to any potential health problems are all factors that can contribute to a long and happy life. So make sure you are feeding the right food in the right amounts, with plenty of hay and food! Provide your pigs with sufficient space and opportunities to run, use tunnels, and stimulate with toys in cages / runs or during “floor time” in the garden. Guinea pigs are social animals, so provide them with a cage mate so they don’t feel lonely or bored. Of course, don’t forget that most guinea pigs love to hang out with people, so be with them and cuddle up. Regularly and thoroughly clean their space and take care of them regularly every day. Remember to keep a close eye on their health and seek advice from your vet if necessary.

Health problems and diseases of guinea pigs

As with any animal, guinea pigs can have health problems at any age. This can be very difficult to deal with, especially if a young mumps gets sick. With the best will in the world, and despite your best efforts to provide a healthy environment for our furry friends, problems will arise beyond your control. We suggest you find a good rodent vet who is used to dealing with guinea pigs and act quickly if needed as they can die quickly.

So, unlike hamsters, which usually only live for 1-4 years, guinea pigs can live for 5-7 years, giving you many years of love, cuddling and caressing! So be prepared to do whatever it takes to give them a long, healthy and happy life, and they will really brighten up your days in return!

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