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Help! My piggy is too fat!

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Help! My piggy is too fat!

Guinea pigs are animals that will eat whatever they see in sight. They cannot leave each other food for later. For this reason, each owner of such a rodent should portion and distribute food to him.

Sometimes it happens that we are not able to properly take care of the pet, which imperceptibly grows to quite a large size. We can easily recognize when a rodent has too many bodies. The guinea pig is definitely too heavy when it is walking, dragging its tummy across the floor and unable to lift it. On the other hand, when we look downstairs when she is sitting, we do not see her paws, which are hidden under the rolls of fat. If you are in doubt as to whether your guinea pig is the correct weight you should ask your vet. There are no clear weight limits for all pigs as every breed is different.

It should be emphasized that being overweight can end up being as tragic for mumps as it is for humans. The rodent can die prematurely from heart disease, atherosclerosis, suffer from hypertension, diabetes, degeneration of joints and bones.

The most common cause of obesity in a guinea pig is a poor diet and too little exercise. Remember not to give your animals any dairy or yoghurt. We should also opt for more expensive feeds that do not contain fatty grains such as sunflower and pumpkin seeds. It is best when we give the food in the form of pellets. Ground and compacted food prevents selective eating of tasty morsels.

We should not drastically limit the daily amount of food while slimming the guinea pig. We better consider whether we should not change it, because it may be inappropriate. Nowadays, we can get specially prepared slimming food for our pigs in pet stores. It would be worth testing them. We can also start serving vegetables in the light version.

While the guinea pig is on a diet, you cannot restrict the feeding of hay. Hay does not make you fat and is necessary for the proper functioning of the animal’s digestive system. Instead of shedding hay, help your piggy move more. Encourage her to exercise by letting her leave the chest more often. You can arrange an obstacle course for her from cardboard boxes. He will be happy to visit it and check all possible exit options.