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Guinea pig Rex

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Guinea pig Rex

With its short, thick, wavy hair and the appearance of a hedgehog, the Rex guinea pig is an extremely popular pet. This Kawia is known for its friendly, gentle and calm temperament. They love to be held and petted, which makes them an excellent pet for babies.

Its thick, spiky hair protects against moisture. He also has a very rough mustache. They also come in variants with long hair and wavy hair. Rex guinea pigs come in a variety of color / pattern combinations including brown, white or agouti.

Rex guinea pig needs special attention as its toenails grow very quickly. For this reason, they require more care than other guinea pig breeds. On the other hand, their hair does not require as much care as other varieties.

Rex guinea pigs most often grow to be 20 to 45 cm in length and have a coat no more than 1/2 inch in length. They look a bit like Teddy’s guinea pig, however, Teddy has a much softer coat.

Rex guinea pig lives about 6 years, depending on the environment in which it lives and the care it receives.

Rex guinea pig diet

The Rex guinea pig has the same nutritional / dietary requirements as most other breeds of guinea pigs. Since it cannot produce vitamin C on its own, to prevent health problems, provide your Rex guinea pig with fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C.

The Rex guinea pig should be fed a mixed diet containing a variety of healthy and low-fat foods, including:

  • Fresh vegetables
  • Certain fruits (especially rich in vitamin C, e.g. red pepper, coriander, kale)
  • Fresh water (changed daily)
  • Extra water on hot days
  • Avoid carbohydrate-rich foods as they can cause bacterial changes in your guinea pig’s stomach.
  • Note: Don’t worry if your guinea pigs don’t drink water during winter. If they get enough water from fresh vegetables and fruits, they may not need to drink the water in cold weather.
  • Good quality feed pellets: Make sure the protein content of the pellets never exceeds the fiber content. A good pellet feed will contain 15-16% crude protein and at least 20% fiber (preferably more) and a low percentage of fat, preferably 1-2%. If possible, try to choose the feed with the highest fiber content.
  • Timothy hay: also used for bedding, can be part of the diet of guinea pigs. Good timothy hay is essential in a guinea pig’s diet that consists only of vegetables and fruits. Important Note: Make sure the hay you use is not chemically treated and safe for your coffee to consume.

Grooming of the Rex breed guinea pig

The Rex pig needs the same care as most other guinea pig breeds. They do not require any additional care other than more frequent care of the toenails.

For the Rex guinea pig, choose a cage that is as large as possible. The minimum dimensions for your pig’s house should be at least 0.5m x 0.25m high.

In summer, make sure the guinea pig house is in an area with plenty of shade from the sun, as they cannot tolerate heat stress at all.

We recommend that you use a dripper water bottle and add at least 2 of them to the pet cage. Sometimes these soda bottles get stuck, so we recommend having at least two. If possible, avoid using the water pan as they will get dirty very easily and can be knocked over, leaving pets without clean drinking water.

When preparing a home for guinea pigs, use materials such as shredded paper, straw, or hay, and change it frequently. Whichever material is used, make sure that it has not been chemically treated and is safe for consumption by your Rex guinea pig.

For fun, add some “hiding places” for your pet, such as overturned boxes. Add at least one hiding place for the guinea pig.

When caring for your guinea pig, keep in mind that the Rex breed may require you to trim your nails much more often than other guinea pig breeds. Since their coat is short and coarse, they don’t need to be brushed as often as other breeds, but you should brush your pet Rex regularly.

Watch out for any potential health issues with your Rex guinea pig by seeking help from a qualified vet if your pet experiences any of the following symptoms:

  • Coughing or breathing with your mouth open
  • Nose and / or discharge from the eyes
  • Wheezing
  • Grown teeth
  • Any skin problems, irregularities
  • Changes in food consumption

Like most pets, guinea pigs benefit from regular checkups with their local vet to make sure their health is on track.

Guinea pig Rex