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Guinea pig memory

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Guinea pig memory

The quality of the nerve cells in your body determines how efficient your body’s memory is. This feature is genetically determined, that is, passed down from generation to generation. Human neurons are wrapped in a myelin sheath, which enables the rapid and effective conduction of electrical impulses. How does pet memory work?

Guinea pigs have an intelligence level similar to that of rats. They are superior to hamsters in terms of IQ, but far behind smarter dogs.

One of the ways guinea pigs learn is through conditioning. It’s a rewarding process for desired behavior. After some time, the rodent begins to behave in a certain way, because it expects a treat. This allows you to teach your pet to show off, such as standing on its hind legs or spinning donuts. Both guinea pigs and dogs cannot learn by modeling, which means they do not mimic the behavior of other herd members. First of all, they remember their own experiments and their effects.

Interestingly, guinea pigs react to the name. Mine also understands how I refer to her as “Pet”. Guinea pigs get used to and trust humans, though they can be a bit fearful on first contact. They can recognize voice, smell, walk, and even the appearance of their owners. They sense a person’s mood by the tone of their voice. They identify with the carers’ family and see themselves as full members of the herd.

The pet pigs’ memory works great in terms of the circadian rhythm. This means that if you give your mumps food regularly, they are expecting it at a specific time and are eagerly awaiting their ration. A late meal is stressful for a pet, so we should keep an eye on the feeding times.

It’s good to know that guinea pigs can also experience PTSD – post-traumatic stress disorder. Pets for the rest of their lives remember the loss of a herd member associated with an attack by a predator that happened in front of their eyes. Breeders say that their pupils are constantly stressed and hypersensitive to stimuli after such an experience. There is a high probability that the traumatized guinea pig will not regain emotional stability and complete happiness.