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Guinea pig accessories – see what you need to buy

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Guinea pig accessories – see what you need to buy

Accessories for guinea pigs are one of the most important elements of decorating their home. Some of them are very important elements for guinea pigs, which should enrich their lives and make them function better in a new environment. Each pet store has useful accessories for a guinea pig, you can buy, for example, a pig cage. These are necessary things and interesting gadgets. What items you absolutely need to buy for the guinea pig? We suggest!

Accessories for the guinea pig

Guinea pig cage items

When buying a guinea pig, we usually don’t know what it really needs. Guinea pigs have a high demand and need a large amount of items. Therefore, beginners may decide to buy a guinea pig layette, in which you can find many necessary items. Of course, some of them should be given the greatest attention, without them it will be difficult to care for a mumps:

  • Guinea pig cage – this is the most important thing that should be in the house before buying a guinea pig. It is also the most expensive equipment. The cage should be made of high-quality plastic and serve for several years. Of course, the bigger the pig cage, the better. In such a cage, the skinny guinea pig or rosette must feel good and comfortable as it will stay there most of the time. The price of the cage is not a small cost, but it should be remembered that it is usually a one-time purchase. A good quality cage should last a long time – even for the life of the guinea pig.
  • Guinea Pig Lair and House – Guinea pigs are not considered mobile animals. Therefore, they do not jump too much, but lie lazily in the den. Therefore, let’s prepare a comfortable and soft bed for the guinea pig. Pigs like soft bedding such as plush or fleece. It is also worth buying a soft house where pigs can hide and rest. The guinea pig’s lair is a safe place for this creature. On the first day, when the piggy is in a completely new environment, it may get a little scared. So she will look for corners where she will feel safe. The house of the guinea pig will become a kind of shelter. It is also worth considering a wooden cottage that can serve not only as a shelter. The piggy will be able to perfectly grind his teeth on it.
guinea pigs in a cage

What gadgets for the guinea pig?

In addition to cages, lairs and houses, it is also worth buying other gadgets for guinea pigs, such as:

  • Hammock – skinny guinea pigs, rosette or Peruvian guinea pigs like to lie in various lairs, including, for example, hammocks. Of course, you should hang them as low as possible so that the piggy can climb on it and easily descend.
  • Guinea pig toys – obviously not essential equipment. However, guinea pigs appreciate such items. Probably every pet store has a toy department for guinea pigs. For example, a very interesting toy is a fleece blanket on which pigs can jump happily. Some pigs like hanging toys too, and you can nibble or chew on them.
  • Transporter – a very useful item that allows you to transport pigs in case you need to go to the vet.
guinea pig accessories and gadgets

Important information about accessories for guinea pigs

In addition to the above, guinea pigs may also have:

  • Brush and comb – take care of the long fur of the pigs.
  • Shampoo – This can be useful when you need to refresh your guinea pig’s coat or skin. However, you shouldn’t bathe your pigs too often. Only when it is necessary. The shampoo should be dedicated to the guinea pig only.
  • Nail clippers – in the pet store, you can easily find clippers, which will be useful from time to time to shorten too long nails of pigs.
  • Substrate – You can test a little to see which is suitable for guinea pigs. Lining is an important part of the equipment of any cage.
  • Clothes – not a necessity, but a guinea pig accessory worth having. The clothes are especially useful in winter for pigs without hair, e.g. skinny guinea pig.

What should you know about pig toys?

Before buying a guinea pig, be sure to learn about care and how not to harm your pet. You need to learn how to breed a guinea pig, how to care for its health, and what accessories and gadgets are necessary for the healthy growth of the guinea pig.

Also remember:

The guinea pig is not a hamster, so it cannot exercise on similar equipment. Tunnels, conveyor belts, slides and rollers should be avoided as they are not suitable toys for guinea pigs. Pets can damage the spine! Do not buy ladders or steps for pigs as they are not intended for them. All of them can cause injuries and minor damage to the spine.