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Equipment for guinea pig cage

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Equipment for guinea pig cage

Many pet stores offer us and our pets a large assortment of cage equipment. However, not all items will be suitable for our pigs. Some of them will avoid mumps, while some may even turn out to be dangerous!

Guinea pigs should not run around in any reels due to their extremely fragile backbone. If we do not want our fat piggy to get stuck in pipes and tunnels, we should buy these elements with a sufficiently large diameter. We should also avoid plastic parts. Pigs like to bite and eat plastic, which is certainly not healthy for them.

Avoid ladders with wire rungs as well. If the mumps are not standing properly on them, it can very easily dislocate its paws or fingers. Remember that guinea pigs are completely different from hamsters. The balls hamsters like to roll in will not be much fun for them. We also shouldn’t take pigs for walks on a leash.

We should choose the houses for our pigs carefully. Houses with two large entrances will be the most suitable for them because they always need an emergency exit in the event of a quarrel with the other pig. Guinea pigs do not require the best and most expensive house. They will have a great time in tunnels made by hand from corrugated cardboard.

Guinea pigs like to sleep in fresh hay, so it should always be included in the cage. You can observe that pigs like to cuddle up to the remains of food, which is not very hygienic. Special toys suitable for guinea pigs are available in stores. These can be teethers made of natural raw materials, any ramps, hammocks, couches or sleeves, wide wooden ladders, hanging toys and feeders for guinea pigs, edible houses made of pressed hay or toys supporting the intelligence of the guinea pig, e.g. food lockers that may become loose. open after the guinea pig has done something.

There should be a hanging drinker in the cage, which allows for hygiene and does not cause the entire cage to splash water. Wooden pellets that absorb moisture and unpleasant odors are best suited for the substrate. At the same time, they will not need to be changed as often as sawdust. In order for the animals to eat them in bowls and feeders, we should choose metal or wooden ones.

Let’s be careful with what we buy for our guinea pigs to play with. We want our pets to be happy and energetic, but toys specially made for other animals will not be helpful in this. Leave toys for hamsters to the hamsters and do not torment pigs in crutches intended for hamsters for our fun.

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