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Castration of a guinea pig

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Castration of a guinea pig

Castration of male guinea pigs may be necessary if we do not intend to breed animals that have become friends with each other. Castration in guinea pigs is the surgical removal of the testicles and the only reason for this procedure is to avoid pregnancy in the female.

If we hope that an adult pig after castration will stop behaving aggressively towards other animals, we are unfortunately wrong. Unlike many other animals, castration in a guinea pig does not affect its behavior. Guinea pigs will be as aggressive after castration as before. Therefore, castration should result only from the desire to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

The castration procedure also involves some kind of risk. A pet may die as a result of a veterinarian’s error, postoperative complications or infections. Guinea pigs are extremely sensitive to anesthesia and can experience post-operative stress. It is also more difficult to operate than larger animals such as dogs or cats.

If, after all, we want to take this risk and castrate a guinea pig, we should consider what time is most appropriate for this procedure. Two appropriate castration times can be identified in the life of a male guinea pig. This treatment can be performed when the male has not yet reached sexual maturity. Then, throughout his life, he will not exhibit the standard behavior of a male guinea pig. However, if we decide to castrate an already mature male, we should remember that it will not change his behavior in any way and he will become infertile only six months after the operation.

Pigs require special care both before and after sterilization. A few days before the procedure, they should be given a higher dose of vitamin C than usual. The wounds of the pet will heal easier and faster. A lot also depends on the experience of the vet, so we should choose one that deals with exotic animals, not only dogs and cats. You can ask around the circle of guinea pig breeders what vet they recommend.

After the treatment, we should look after the guinea pig. If she refuses to eat, we should encourage her to do so. Lack of nutrition can have a lasting impact on her health, so we must not allow her to starve. We should also guarantee the pet a source of heat, because the guinea pig’s body can get cold very quickly after the operation.

Let us therefore analyze in detail the advantages and possible threats of castration. We should decide to undergo surgery only when we deem it absolutely necessary.