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Guinea pig cages

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Guinea pig cages

Since the guinea pig is quite active, it is important that it has a cage that is large enough to accommodate its size. A pig should have a place not only for sleep and food, but also for all activities – running, bucking in sawdust, etc.

A suitable cage size for two pigs is 120 cm x 50 cm. A pet cage or made-to-measure cage would be best. It is important that it is a cage with the possibility of opening the door, so that the pig can go for walks on its own, and that its walls and ceiling are narrow enough so that the pig does not get stuck in them when trying to escape. We can also obtain such a surface, for example, by building the cage ourselves, using generally available materials. It is important that the bottom of the cage is impermeable to water, so it should be made of appropriate materials, eg plastic .. Remember, however, not to use it to build walls, because constant air circulation is needed in the cage.

If you decide to purchase a standard size cage from a pet store, you may want to consider combining the two cages into one over time. This will provide pigs with a larger area for daily activities and space to play. We can then connect the cages with each other sideways or by preparing an appropriate supporting structure, mount the so-called piggies. staircase. To do this, cut openings of appropriate size in the bottom of one cage and in the ceiling of the other cage, and then connect them with steps adapted to the size of the animals.

Guinea pig cages

Since guinea pigs are very curious animals, they will feel best in cages standing in places from which they have a good view of the room and us, and we will be able to observe their behavior and habits without any major problems. However, it is important that the place for the cage is relatively calm and that there is constant access to fresh air (however, drafts should be avoided). In order for our pig to stay healthy longer, in the presence of the animal, the use of chemicals in the form of hairspray, deodorants, and also smoking is excluded.

Pigs are quite sensitive animals, they catch colds easily, and the symptoms of their disease are very easy to overlook. In their case, the best saying is that prevention is better than cure.

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