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American guinea pig (smoothhaired)

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American guinea pig (smoothhaired)

The American guinea pig is the oldest and most popular breed. It is believed that they were first domesticated around 5000 BC. in the Andes. The American guinea pig breeds are descended from the South American Tschudi guinea pig breeds.

The American guinea pig is a popular breed with low maintenance requirements


One of the reasons American guinea pigs are so popular is because of their ease of care. They require minimal care, making them ideal pets for babies.

Be sure to provide your guinea pig with a good home and a proper diet. Make sure their nails are trimmed at least once a month and be careful not to trim them too much.

Make sure their food is replenished regularly and that they have a constant supply of chewable hay. This will keep them happy and healthy.

All breeds of guinea pigs need a lot of exercise, and the American guinea pig is no exception. American pigs are especially fun.

They prefer to be outside or run around the house for short periods. You should always ensure proper supervision when playing with your guinea pig. American guinea pig breeds need time to explore and need at least one hour of controlled floor time per day.

At night, you can choose between a large outdoor cage or a more compact guinea pig cage at home.

The American guinea pig is the perfect pet for kids.


The American guinea pig usually has a small body that ranges from 8 inches to 9 inches (20 cm to 22.5 cm) in length. They have a round muzzle with famous ears and short, soft hair.
American pigs can range in size from tiny, like a rat, to pets the size of a small dog.

Temperament and behavior:

If you’re looking for an animal with a sweet and clown personality that is easy to care for, the American guinea pig fits that description perfectly. They are quite fun and respond well to being dealt with.

They love to take care of them and enjoy love, in fact, the more you care for and sympathize with them, the more they will pay you back. They also get along well with other guinea pigs.

American guinea pig breeds are ideal pets and do not bite. They are active, friendly and economical breeds that have a sympathetic character. American Pigs are easy to handle and feed, and are also strong and hardy little animals because they don’t get sick very easily.

Coat and colors:

The American guinea pig has a short, smooth coat. It has no curls and can come in a variety of colors; they also come in a variety of hairstyles. The American one called “Abyssinian Satin” is identical to the American one, except that its coat is thin, dense and extremely shiny. The American guinea pig can be seen in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

There are ten primary colors for guinea pigs, though many variations exist that include two or more of these primary colors. The basic colors are:


  • Self – Solid color
  • Dutch – Colored head, white mane, front half of the body white, head and rear ends of the same color.
  • Brindle – One dark color and one white color consistently permeate throughout the body.
  • Tortoiseshell – Well-defined black and red rectangular patches of color even and uniform all over the body.
  • Tortoise with White – Well-defined black, red, and white rectangular patches of color, divided along a line that runs along the center of the back and abdomen.
  • Roan – White and darker hair blend evenly all over the body.
  • Agouti – All hair has alternating dark and light stripes of color.
  • Albino – Pure white, no dark hair, pink eyes (no pigmentation at all).
  • Dalmatian – White body, dark spots.
  • Himalaya (Himalayan) – White body, brown or black nose, ears and feet, red eyes.

One of the main reasons the American guinea pig breeds are so popular is because of their hassle-free care. Their short hair requires minimal maintenance. Their hair does not style easily and is kept clean well. This makes these little animals a great option as a pet for kids.