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American Crested

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American Crested

American Crested is a unique breed of guinea pigs, whose characteristic feature is a white bunch on the head. This animal, standing out from other guinea pigs, attracts attention both because of its unique appearance and friendly character. Below we present a detailed description of this fascinating breed, taking into account the features related to the appearance, character, care and information on reproduction.


The American Crested has a short, soft coat with a uniform color, except for the white bunch on his head. This bunch, reminiscent of the crown, gives the guinea pig a characteristic appearance. The rest of the fur can take shades of golden-brown, red or black, but it has no signs or designs.

Character and temperament

Although the crown on the head sometimes makes them seem to be angry, American Crested are as calm and fun as other guinea pigs. They are social and easy to keep, which makes them a great choice for beginner animal carers. Their shyness requires a delicate approach, but they quickly adapt to the new environment.

Distinguishing from Crested

American Crested can be easily distinguished from Crested through a white bunch on his head. In the case of Crested, the comb is always in the same color as the rest of the fur. Without this characteristic bunch, American Crested could simply be ordinary guinea pigs.


The American Crested breeding is not without challenges, especially when it comes to the reproduction of the white bunch. The offspring of two maritime pigs American Crested can have different meanings, which means that maintaining a uniform feature in breeding requires diligence and experience of the breeder.

Coat care

Short -haired guinea pigs, including American Crested, usually can maintain the hygiene of their fur. However, regular hair cleaning, especially around the bunch, is necessary. In the case of tangles, use a plastic brush and gently remove them. Regular examination of the ear, eyes and claws is crucial for maintaining the animal’s health.

Healthy eating

The basis of the American Crested health is a balanced diet, including fresh hay, grasses, herbs, vegetables, fruits, seeds and twigs. Ensuring fresh water every day is crucial for their general welfare.


American Crested is not only an ordinary guinea pig. Their unique appearance, friendly character and ease of maintaining make them a valued breed among guinea pig lovers. For those who are looking not only for beauty, but also a quiet companion, American Crested is an excellent choice.