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A bored pig is a boring piggy

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A bored pig is a boring piggy

Guinea pigs are curious animals. Their ancestors living in nature are exposed to many dangers and face various challenges on a daily basis. A guinea pig locked in a large cage, alone with a drinker, is simply bored and sleeps all day long. To make her feel better, we should provide her with a little entertainment.

The basis is to take the pig for a walk around the house. First, let’s prepare the room so that it can run freely and is safe. Let’s hide all cables from the floor and plants that could be bitten (some of them may be poisonous to our pet). Let’s close all the doors and block access to dark nooks and crannies where you can hide, but it’s harder to get out. We can put an old carpet or rug on the floor so that the animals do not slip. Also let everyone in the house know that the pig is on the floor. This will prevent unpleasant accidents.

After preparing the floor and the household members in this way, we can diversify the run for pigs by organizing a playground at a low cost. The guinea pig loves mazes and tunnels. We can prepare such in a very simple way. Let’s place different-sized cards quite close to each other, on a large surface, so that the pigs can pass between them. These curious animals, especially if released in a group, are about to start exploring tunnels and mazes by running and having a great time! For variety, we can cover some of the cardboard boxes with a blanket and some of them with some tasty morsels. However, let’s be careful that pigs do not chew on cardboard covered with printing ink, others will not hurt them in a minimal amount.

Ideally, the animals should have the door to their cage open and be able to come back from the paddock at any moment when they pee or if they get scared. Pets will have a great time outside, but maybe not right away. Give them some time to familiarize yourself with the new large terrain and to explore it. Guinea pigs will definitely be grateful to you.